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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What is it about being responsible for someone's little life that ups your ability to be brave?

No, I didn't save Ana from a burning building or put her oxygen mask on before mine. Nothing like that; but I did pick up several pill bugs and demonstrate how they roll into balls when scared. I showed Ana that they have the attention span of my left big toe and that if you hold your hand still long enough they will all unroll and begin crawling around.

I haven't touched a pill bug for probably 21 years and here I was letting a handful of the buggers crawl around on me!

That is until I got the heebie jeebies, which luckily coincided with Ana turning her head so she didn't see them all go flying (into a nice soft patch of grass for you tender-hearts).

Seriously, though, I am counting this as a major breakthrough. Next stop, making myself eat baby corn - now there's something truly scary!

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