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Monday, April 5, 2010


I saw something highly disturbing today. One of those things that you never forget. Something that will haunt me forever.

A white arm hair.

Seriously, I know it comes as no surprise that my stress is at an all time high level right now - Ana's stuff that's going on, a move to a new house, a ramp up in Ana behavior problems, Scott and I alternating evenings sleeping with Ana...but...c'mon! I thought that was an old wive's tale - that stress would turn your hair white.

New plan: consider going platinum to blend in with rogue arm hair. I think it could work.

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donna said...

I just spent a little too much time checking my arms... and I hadn't even thought to worry about that yet - and I'm older than you!

Natalie has been hugging the Texas part of our U.S. puzzle. It has a picture of the Alamo on it and she thinks it is Ana's house.

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