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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Story Time

So, one of Ana's therapists recommended making little books for the things we do regularly - to help Ana be prepared for what will happen and to point out ways to be successful during these times.

I thought it was a fabulous idea and got to work right away.

Daddy couldn't help but laugh when he saw the title of my first book - sure to be one of the year's bestsellers:

Anastasia Goes to the Grocery Store

Even funnier to him were my drawings. Just for that I made his nose extra big in the next gripping volume - Ana Plays in the Front Yard.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I did something sort of like this....except I took pictures of my kids doing things, and then bought some of those little plastic albums from the Dollar store.....I used index cards to slide in opposite the pictures, and would write my words there....they LOVED having a little book with their own pictures in them. Maybe she would like that, too. Not like it's super easy to navigate the grocery store with a kid you are hoping is going to keep it together during your trip AND you're trying to photograph the whole thing....but then again, she might get a kick out of posing for pictures.

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