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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Auntie Nina Is The Best

We have a friend visiting us from Pittsburgh, who Ana calls Auntie Nina. She is just as besotted with Auntie Nina as she was when she first met A.N. and discovered her massive closet of shoes.

It was a regular old love fest this morning as Ana dressed A.N. for a pretend wedding. When A.N. went downstairs to take her shower Ana went on and on about how great her A.N. is:

She is the best!
She is just wonderful!
She is fancy and beautiful!
She is so lovely!
She is grottotto!
She is meleka!
She is just malee malee malee!

You know you have hit the big time when you are malee malee malee...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's what I always aspire to be. Malee, malee, malee. 3x Malee. Has to be a record. :)

I loved my pretend wedding style with my fisherman's hat/veil/tiara head piece. And let's not forget my 1st place trophy!

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