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Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Play The Quiet Game

Our embarrass Mommy/ offend others count has been unusually high the last few days. I think I will now suggest that we play The Quiet Game every moment that we are out in public - we can't speak again until we are back in the car - that is how traumatized I am.

At Jason's Deli: (Ana has baby on the brain because most of her classmates have or recently had younger siblings)

Mommy! Does that lady have a baby in there! (Super loud, no one missed it - TRUST ME)

(whispering) No Baby, she doesn't. Some people's tummies just look like that.

No! I know she has a baby in there! Her tummy is too big!

In the Stein Mart check out line - referencing the cashier right in front of our faces:

Mommy! Is that a boy or a girl?

She's a girl, Sweetie. See her long eye lashes and pretty smile? (I was grasping at straws, People)

Yes, but why does she have a mustache?

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