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Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Day

More evidence that I may be a negative influence on Ana. I have, and have always had, serious trouble with my nouns. I have to ask Scott what things are called all of the time and I have no memory for names of movies, songs, people, etc.

My girl is not so hot with her nouns either, apparently. She was an enormous fan of St. Patty's yesterday and could not stop talking about it at bedtime:

I loved Green Day!!!! (St. Patrick's Day)

I loved the green food (pancakes with green syrup) and green drink (green orange juice)!

I loved going to watch that Italian dancing (Irish dancing)!

And my favorite was the stories about those gnomes... no... what were those little green guys called that you were talking about all the day? (leprechauns)

At least she didn't call me Daddy when I kissed her goodnight...

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