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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hell Is Sounding Mighty Attractive...

There is a cool tourist attraction about 30 minutes north of Austin, in Georgetown, called Inner Space Caverns. You can take an hour long tour of some incredible caverns that were discovered when the TX Highway Department tried to build a highway and couldn't figure out why they kept losing drillbits. Turns out it was because there were miles of caves, rock formations, and natural springs just below the spot where they were drilling.

Ana was fascinated with the tour and all was going well until the ever-so-informative-tour guide started telling us about the animals that *used* to live in the caverns. They don't live there anymore because at one point there was an earthquake, which knocked down a ton of rocks and also dropped all of the animals to their shattering deaths.

If you have read this blog much, you know that Ana is a bleeding heart like her mother. We save worms, People. Needless to say, this did a number on her little psyche. For the entire drive home I had to re-enact the death of the animals through story form. She also said that we probably shouldn't tell Daddy about the animals, because it might break his heart. We then had a little conversation with God about it.

Oh Heavenly God? (she's getting more sophisticated in her Heavenly speech)

Yes, My Child?

Why did the animals have to die?

It's part of nature, My Child. Sometimes those things happen.

What did you do with their fur?

I turned it back into the Earth.

What did you do then?

I took their little souls up to Heaven so that I could keep them safe with me.

Oh, that's kind of you to do. Did you give them ice cream and let them watch Mary Poppins?

Apparently this is what Heaven looks like - it is not streets paved with gold, it is free Baskin Robbins and a Mary Poppins movie marathon. God help us...

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