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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Patient's Right To Privacy

Apparently Ana took the Patient's Right to Privacy document at her speech therapists office a little too seriously. She forgot to pay attention to the part that said it doesn't apply to minors.

She was dragging a bit on Thursday morning, but I just assumed that it was a slow starting day. I asked her if she slept well and she said, Yes! I slept like an angel! Not the case. I found out the true story after she finished up her speech appointment later in the morning.

Speech therapist (ST) to me: So, I hear Ana didn't sleep very well last night?

Me: What? That's not the story I heard.

ST: Oh! She said that she woke up in the night and started playing in her bed. But, she played very quietly so that her Mommy wouldn't know that she was playing because she is not supposed to do that at night. She said she played until she saw the sun and could get out of bed.

The little sneak! At least she still rats herself out every time...

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