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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show & Tell

Well, for all of the discussion surrounding Show and Tell (reference the dead bird suggestion from Ana), I was totally surprised to realize that I had missed it completely. I thought that it would be held the last Thursday of every month, but no it is every Thursday.

Luckily I am somewhat paranoid about being on time to pick Ana up and found myself there 10 minutes before class let our. Another mom was waiting outside the classroom because she had sat in on Show and Tell when it was her son's turn. I peeked in the door and realized that Ana hadn't been passed up yet, so I made a mad dash for the car to find something suitable. Luckily there were no dead birds in the car, but we did have a ballet book.

I ran back and triumphantly waved my find at the other mom as I tried to sneak in as quietly as possible. She called out to me - I'm impressed that you had anything in your car! This was almost as shocking as missing S&T after talking about it ad nauseum. Not have something in my car? Have you seen my car? I could feed an army for a week on the cheddar bunny remnants found on my car floor alone. Empty shelves at Toys 'R Us? I can restock them for you! A fact that I am not proud of, mind you.

Ana looked relieved to have something to share and I settled in to watch the proceedings. After what I saw last Thursday, I'm thinking that I'm going to try to make it to S&T as often as possible - it is waaay cheaper than trying to catch a comedy flick at the movies for a good laugh. It is also a more reliable form of entertainment. The selections that I was privileged to see (and questions from the children):

A potted plant. Nothing of significance about it. No story behind it. Just a potted plant. Most notable question: Does it sleep in your bed with you?

A ziploc bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I was seriously impressed. Further impressed when the answer to the question How many times do you brush your teeth was Three - morning, after lunch, and before bed. The other children were clearly equally as impressed because they made her repeat that fact 4 times - Are you sure you brush after lunch? I don't think that you do!

A headless action figure. I didn't like his head, so I took it off and now he's my favorite. Most notable question: Do you still play with his head?

Ana has already picked out her S&T item for this Thursday. Luckily she seems to be getting the idea and has picked out a purse. Whew!

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