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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trash Talkin' to the Po-Lice

Saturday was not a very stellar day for the girls of this family. I have been fighting a stomach thing off and on - more on than off. When I do feel like I could eat something, it is only a very small list of things that appeals. Don't ask me why, but one of those is a Taco Bell bean burrito, minus the sauce. I have not been to Taco Bell in about 15 years. In the last week, I have been about 3 times.

So, Saturday we go to a Glamour Girl birthday party, have lots of fun, and are heading home wiped. All I can think is that I need to get myself a bean burrito because I'm having a lull in the yucky feeling. First low point of the day: I pull into the drive through and Ana yells out, Oh no! Why are we going here AGAIN? I'm tired of going here!!!

My shame propels me through the drive through and back on to the road in record time. Unwrapped burrito in my lap, I am wasting no opportunity in seizing the eating moment. Too late. I start to feel bad again. Now I am in a rush to get home. In a rush to get home + downhill with no cars around = not paying attention to my speed, AT ALL.

Well, that's okay, because the police officer was paying attention to it for me. Lights on, siren, the works.

I am not a crier when I get a ticket, don't do it, but this time the crumminess of my situation meant that I burst into tears the moment he approached my window. Here I am, eating my 6th bean burrito of the week, half of it still on my lap, probably lardy-bean stuff on my face, I'm sick, I just want to get home to be taken care of by Scott, and now I'm getting a ticket.

My upsetness kicked Ana into 4.5 year old protectiveness mode and while I'm trying to explain my sad situation to the cop, you can hear shouting in the background:

I'm mad at you for what you are doing! That is not a kind thing to do! You should not give people tickets! You are not a kind person! You are not acting kindly! Do not give us a ticket! You are not doing a good thing!

What a pair we made.

I actually had to break my story to the cop to tell Ana to tone it down because she needed to remember that it was my fault and the policeman was just doing his job. We must not have made a very good impression because I now have 10 days in which to call the court.

Good times.

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