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Greatest Hits - 14 months

1. The new word is the most fun. Just because she knows how to say Mama doesn’t mean that when she learns Dada, Mama will still be called Mama. Nope – we are Dada and Dada. How progressive of us!

2. If you take your child to a Toy Lending Library and are thrilled that you found a place for her to play with “over 300 toys and lots of children,” don’t be surprised if she pulls everything off of a shelf and then plays with the shelf for the first 10 minutes. She’s getting boxes for Christmas…

3. If Mama (aka Dada with the long hair) grunts every time she opens a jar of baby food, Ana will do so also. Not attractive – and a disturbing sign of copying to come ?

4. If you think that it is safe to let Ana crawl around naked because you have just changed a wet diaper, that will be when she pees on the rug. If you then mistakenly think that it is NOW safe, that will be when she pees on Daddy’s leg. After that you will get smart and you will stick a diaper on her like normal people.