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Greatest Hits - 2 years 6 months

1. Up until about 2 1/2 you can fool a kid pretty easily; after that, they're nobody's fool. Mommy wears a bra that Daddy calls her Xena Warrior bra because it is so padded that nothing is getting past that thing. Mommy likes it because it gives her the illusion of actually having something going on up top, which she totally doesn't. Mommy was wearing the bra the other day and went to scoop up Ana. Little Miss laughed, poked Mommy in the chest, and said "Bwah!" Apparently it was obvious to even her that there was no way Mommy magically became endowed overnight. Sigh...

2. God, bless Him, has been superceded by Cinderella. Living in Pittsgurgh, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by quite a few gorgeous old cathedrals. Ana loved to point them out as we would run our various errands - "Church!" she would call out. Post-Disney World, however, she is singing a different tune - "Castle! Castle!" We are waiting for her to ask when Cinderella's firework show begins.

3. Do not sit next to Ana on a bus, on a train, in a car. Just do not sit next to her. Her latest thing is to dig around and then offer her nearest companion a "bogie". Uhhhh....thanks....

We would like to make a formal apology to the lady at the airport, and also to her husband who was offered the bogie when his wife, for some reason, declined the gift. Sorry also to the little girl on the bus and the sleeping baby on the monorail. Tigger, you got what was coming to you. If you wear a big fuzzy costume that seems remotely towel-like, you asked for the bogie-wiping. It's all on you, big guy.

4. If you ever want to get choked up, catch the moment when your child sees her hero (Cinderalla) in "real life" for the first time. The look of wonder, excitement, and pure joy that crosses her face makes every single moment of everything you have ever been through all worth it.