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Greatest Hits - 2 years 1 month

1. The shoe wars continue, although the tall people are decidedly weaker than the small one. Mama's shoes used to fit nicely on an over the door shoe rack. Each morning Mama would weigh how much she really wanted to wear clean clothes over the pile of yesterday's cast offs on the floor. To open the door was to invite a feeding frenzy of all things shoe up to 36 inches from the floor.

This month Mama has proven that you can teach an old dog new tricks. She has decided to throw all of her shoes on the floor of her closet herself. This has been much more effective than picking them all up after each time the closet is opened. Even more effective than trying to convince the wee one that all of the shoes are sleeping...all of the time...

For those following the count: Mama:1 Baby & Foos: 1. Game over.
2. Again, watch what you say. We dogsat a very sweet, but at times overly enthusiastic dog for a number of days. Said dog liked nothing more than to kiss Ana to the point of knocking her off of her feet, where upon the kisses would continue to rain down upon the less than pleased child. Apparently Mama's stock phrase as she was manhandling the dog off of Ana was, 'Go On. Go Away.' This is now what the little chickie has decided to say - to anyone and anything.

Case in point: Mama and Ana shopping at Sam's, being the only people in the frozen meats aisle - apparently just the way that Ana wanted it. A lovely couple starts down the aisle. Catching sight of the cherubic Ana the wife exclaims, 'Oh! What pretty glasses on a pretty girl.' The aforementioned pretty girl responds with 'Go! Go Away!' and emphasizes her point by waving her arm in a dismissive gesture. Mama wanted to crawl under the nearest pack of frozen meatballs... However, it must be said that her technique was effective, as that was just what they did, definitely smiling less than in the approach.

3. 'Go! Go Away!' is useful for any number of situations. For example, when you want to dig in Mama's purse, which you've been told not to do, you should come find Mama in a completely different room, where she was unaware that you were even up to something. You should then tell her 'Go! Go Away!' Mama will at this point pretend that that is the best suggestion she has heard all year and will spy on you to see what your little 30 pound self is up to. For good measure you should then take the contraband into the bathroom and close the door behind yourself so that you can rifle in uninterrupted peace. Ahhh... and when Mama knocks on the door because she knows exactly what you are up to, another well timed 'Go! Go Away!' is sure to work a treat. Not!

4. The best person to trick-or-treat with is a 2-year old - they know not of the goodness in their plastic pumpkins. Our initial plan of just stopping by the neighbors was quickly amended to include the nearby cul-de-sac of 8 houses once we saw the chocolate wonders that were dropped into Ana’s pumpkin. What a goldmine! To some she was a cute dalmatian (okay, to most she looked like a cow), but to us she was the key to all things sweetness! Is it wrong to exploit your children for candy…?