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Greatest Hits - 3 years

1. Perhaps the little one is a little too perceptive for her own good. When assigning parts, why is it always "Daddy, you da prince. Mommy, you da witch."?

2. We thought we had eradicated the unfortunate bringing out of the word "sh*t" at oddly appropriate times. The word made a reappearance this month.
Ana: Sh*t
Mommy: Ana, don't say that word. It's yucky. Even Mommies and Daddies don't say it. (lies! lies!)
Ana: Sh*t
Mommy: Ana, don't say that word or we will go home.
Ana: (puppy dog eyes) I'm sad.
Mommy: Why are you sad?
Ana: Because I want to say that word.
3. Don't push the button on those singing/dancing electronic doll-thingies. Just don't do it. Mommy tried to distract Ana with a Santa doll who was dressed in a Steelers jersey. She should have known right there - Steelers jersey is a dead giveaway.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Since you've been so good this year, Santa will give you a big surprise!" (turns around and drops his drawers)

We swear the kid did a knee slap.

4. Way to get a bit of ice cream from your daughter who is sharing-challenged: Ana! Look! Is that Cinderella over there? (point behind her back, steal ice cream when she turns). Oh no, guess I was wrong. Bummer.