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Greatest Hits - 21 months

1. Ana has a new arsenal in her flirting with boys. Her friend Sam was over to check out the water table. Little Miss sidled up next to him, put one arm gently around his shoulder and said “Hi Baby.” Dada just about fell over.

2. If you are wondering where your little child’s very expensive, ever-so-important-for-her-eyesight, glasses might be, save yourself the trouble – check the water table first. Don’t bother looking for the nose piece there, though. She ate it.

3. The fastest way to determine whether or not you have a favored word is to tune into your 21 month old. Ana has started saying “okay” for everything:
“Come down the steps, Ana.”

“More meat, Ana?”

“Stop poking Cooper in the eye, Ana.”
- Upon examination, sure enough, that is a word that Mama uses with Ana all of the time. Ana, however, has one-upped Mama. She has coined the word “No-kay.” Incredibly helpful for moments like:
“Take your hand out of the potty, Ana.”
“No-kay!” (No! Okay!)

“Please hand Mama that open red marker, Ana.”
“No-kay!” (while running away)

Mama is now using it with Dada.
“Your turn to do the dishes, Mommy.”
“No-kay! No-kay! No-kay!”

4. There are some benefits to having a sitter who is younger than your parents. Who are we kidding? There are many. One being that Ana’s sitter listens to cooler and trendier music than her old folks. Through Alessandra, Ana has developed a love of hip-hop. She has even created her own one-armed monkey move that she likes to pull out whenever the music gets just a little funky. For those that are worried that she doesn’t know any old school moves, worry no more - Dada taught her the Sprinkler the other day. Mama is trying to un-teach her.