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Greatest Hits - 18 months

1. It is possible to pick your nose with 2 fingers at the same time. That’s 2 fingers…in the same nostril. We kid you not.

2. If you bent your backside down in front of our then 17 month old on the plane, you asked for what you got, Sir.

3. Little arms around your knees and a little face buried between your thighs is one of the greatest joys in the world.

4. The one thing that will get you to stop doing what you’re doing and to pick up your child immediately, despite having told her – ‘No, Mommy will pick you up in just a minute when she’s finished with the laundry’ – is for said child to start calling out for one of her grandmas – ‘Nena! Nena!’ If you’re like Mommy, you will drop what you’re doing on the spot, scoop her up immediately, and start chanting ‘No, Mama! Mama!’ Nothing like playing the grandma card to get a kid what she wants.