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Greatest Hits - 22 months

1. Mama’s heart was warmed one morning: The little one began to stir, then a sweet little voice said “Dada”. The first thing the little dear thought of upon waking was her dad! Mama’s heart was a little less warm just a few seconds later when she heard a big gassy toot. Oh well…

2. If you say to your girl “Do you want to go to the mall?” and she does a happy dance, be afraid. Be very afraid. We didn’t even know that she knew the word mall…

3. Having a little chickie will help you to work through your embarrassment. You will be given multiple opportunities to practice multiple responses to things that make you cringe. Consider, for example, the following:

Take 1: Ana to random man: Dada!
Mama: No, honey, that’s not Dada. Dada’s at work. (cringe and blush)

Take 2: Ana to random man: Dada!
Mama: No, honey, that’s not Dada. That’s a nice man. (cringe and blush)

Take 3: Ana to random man: Dada!
Mama: Well, that’s news to me. (blush, no cringe)

Take 4: Ana to random man: Dada!
Mama: Sure, why not? (cool as a cucumber)
4. Despite shelling out big bucks for the privilege of hanging out for the day on Sesame Street, you will shell out even more when your tired and happy girl throws her arms around a stuffed Elmo and kisses him like he’s her long lost friend. Yes, we are suckers.