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Greatest Hits - 20 months

1. This is the month of embarrassment. Ana has become aware of various body parts and is starting to learn the words for them. It should have been no surprise then, that when Mama was carrying her past the coffee shop (where several older men were sitting outside) she pulled down Mama's shirt (exposing all) to ensure that said body parts were still there. The only slight consolation was that she got the wording juxtaposed and was yelling out 'bee-boo! bee-boo!,' but the bemused gentlemen seemed to know exactly what she was talking about anyway.

2. Ana is in love with all things baby doll. The entire last Friday playgroup was spent with Ana toting various naked babies around the place. She would pat them on their plastic rear ends and say 'Oh baby, Oh baby.' Very cute. Mama did start to worry slightly, however, when Ana also picked up a piece of trash, cuddled it lovingly, and cooed 'Oh baby, Oh baby.' Hmmm...

3. It is so funny to see yourself imitated. Especially when it is not quite right. Mama often has to blow on Ana's too hot food to cool it off. She was puffing away on a piece of hamburger and passed the cooled off meat to Ana. Doubting Mama's work, Ana brought the piece of burger to her nose and proceeded to sniff on it. Not so effective for cooling off food, but especially good for getting bits of meat up one's nose.

4. Our little Houdini has figured out how to remove her diapers, with her clothes on no less. Mama scooped her up the other day and realized that her little bottom was a lot less padded than usual. Mama was shocked that her brain fog had gotten that bad - how could she have forgotten to diaper her baby?!? Once Mama realized that just couldn't be true, she started to pat Ana down. Sure enough, the diaper was pooled around Ana's ankle. The little darling had taken it off because it was full of doodie, which had also leaked out Ana's pants and was all over her little shoes. Nice.