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Greatest Hits - 3 years 2 months

1. Anyone care to tell us what is wrong with the following? Overheard in the car after preschool:
"Dear God, thank you for our family and for our friends. Please bless Daddy and Cooper in Texas and please help St. Joseph to sell our house. And please give me some french fries. Amen."
2. Mommy has found herself fed up with the weakness of the Disney princesses. Who says the only girls worth knowing are the ones that walk around in tiaras? AND, why is it that they have to fall asleep and get kissed by a handsome prince in order to save them? What if they didn't wash their hair that day or put on that tube of "Red as the Rose" lipstick? Would old Charming have stopped over the dwarves house then? Mommy thinks not! AND, once awoken, why is it that the princesses go straight to marriage - didn't anyone in the Storybook forest ever hear of dating? Get the guy to buy you a meal first, for Pete's sake!

Apparently Mommy's rebellion is catching on because here is how Ana played with Daddy the other day. Daddy was playing the part of Sleeping Beauty, by the way. A real stretch of the imagination, but go with it ;-)

"Oh look! It is Sleepin' Booty Aurora! I will kiss her awake because she is kind and smart and funny and friendly and she shares." *shhhhmaaack*

You go, girl!!

3. If you haven't done it since you were 8, go outside right now and lay in a leaf pile. Once you turn off the thoughts of your clothes getting dirty, your body will remember the feel of sinking into the leaves. You will remember that particular scent of crushed fall leaves and the sound that they make as you rest back into your childhood. It is a good thing. Thank you, Sweet Girl, for reminding us.

4. Ana is the new spokesperson for the American Lung Association - she has taken it upon herself to rid the world of smoking, one smoker at a time. Fully supporting your child's ideology does not rid you of embarrassment, however, when said child lectures the kind church man leading you safely across the street to - "Stop smoking! Stop smoking! Yech! You'll get boo-boos in your body! Stop smoking!" Ana does nothing quietly either, mind you.

5. "Mommy, what's this called?" (Pointing to her pillow).
"You know what that's called - it's called a pillow"
"No. It's called Not You Pillow." (impish grin)


6. Parenting is a cutthroat profession. Mommy and a Daddy found themselves flinging insults at the Toy Lending Library, although it was unintentional - on Mommy's end at least. Ana ratted out a little girl for taking a toy of hers. Mommy said, "Oh, Sweetie, that's okay. The little girl can play with it. You have another one."

At this point, the Daddy curtly pointed out that the little girl was in fact a little boy. Trying to smooth over her error, Mommy went on to say, "Oh, of course, see Ana, we thought the boy was a girl only because we saw his longer hair from the back, but he definitely has boy clothes, and a boy hat, and his face definitely looks like a boy."

Mommy thought she had made amends until the Daddy made his next move. "What's her name? Anastasia? I keep wanting to call her Anesthesia."

Thank you. Thank you very much.